Sunday, February 27, 2011

i feel the word vomit about to spill...

My mind has been very cluttered these last few days, or maybe weeks, I don't know how long this has been going on. Its full of all sorts of different things like how I want to start reading more, how I wish I still payed attention to the little details, vacation planning, decorating and organizing our house, Jude and all my love for him, Collin and what to do for his birthday {Happy almost birthday my dear!} how I want to be more creative, my 'to do lists'... You know, the stuff everyone thinks about now and then. I figured it would be the best for my health if I released some of these thoughts/ideas.

I just finished Portia De Rossi's book "Unbearable Lightness" and there was something about reading that final word on the last page that made me miss reading. Yes, I had just finished a book but I've been carrying that book around in my purse since Christmas, reading a few pages here and there. When I finished it I realized how much I love learning about something new and or interesting. I am making a vow to read more. One book right after the other. Up next on my list, "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. 

I feel boring. I think that because I am now a mom/wife I tell my self I cant be as spontaneous as I used to be and I want that to change. I can be a silly momma. I can be random and still get errands done. I can take adventures and still remember to make it to our appointments. Collin is great at reminding me of that. I don't always need to worry about being on time, organizing things, checking off my "lists".. I need to worry that Jude is having fun with his parents, that my husband feels loved and appreciated, the important things. The things that should never be over looked. All the other things wont matter in the long run. Who is going to care that I was 5 minutes late to an appointment if we were busy having family time?? 

We don't know where we want to go on vacation but we want to go soon. We want to go on a cruise that leaves from Hawaii and visits Bora Bora, Tahiti, New Zealand, and French Polynesia but that doesn't look like its going to work out {Damn you flights from New Zealand and all your expensiveness!} So instead, we are hoping a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands will work out. I'm already feeling the itch of summer so I sure hope it happens soon! Plus, I cant wait to take my boys to Hawaii and show them where Momma grew up.

When I get up at night and nurse Jude, I sit upright in our bed staring out our bedrooms blank walls and my decorative senses take over! I think of all the possibilities that could soon cover the walls but I am having a hard time deciding on one particular theme/style. I think I've got it narrowed down but who knows what will happen once a beautiful decorative piece screams at me telling me, it too wants to be used in our bedroom. Hopefully I will get it done soon so I can go home and feel at home. We are almost there with everything but its those last finishing touches that are just getting to me! 

 Its Collins birthday soon!! {March 10th he will be the great big 23!} He wants a kayak for his birthday. A kayak. At first I was like "what the...?" but then he made it so clear to me... It really would be the greatest thing. Hear us out... 
If we had a kayak {preferably two, one for me, one for him} we would HAVE to use it. We would HAVE to be out on the lake or cruising down Provo river using it every summer day getting its money worth. If we had a kayak there would be NO EXCUSE to not be adventurous. NO EXCUSE for not getting in a good work out. It just makes perfect sense... Doesn't it??

Jude. Oh my sweet baby Jude. I don't know how I will ever me able to express how much I love you. Even the sweetest of sentences don't seem worthy enough for you and your beautiful soul. You have changed my life {and your fathers life} for the better. Every single day I am grateful for you and for what you did for me. For how you saved me. For the joy you bring my life. When you ask me to build a fort with you, we will build the greatest fort ever built. When you want to camp in the back yard, we will go in the mountains where we can see the stars. When you get embarrassed I will do something that makes me look like a fool. When your heart gets broken for the first time I will be there with lots of X's and O's to try and repair it. Your life is the most precious thing to me. Always remember that.  

Fun facts about me:
I absolutely love grocery shopping {I go to Win Co after I drop Collin off at work and just marvel at all the pretty/organized isles} The Walmart in Cedar Hills is my favorite, it looks like a Martha Steward decorated it. Construction and traffic can really piss me off. Sun glasses and warm weather are what I look forward to during every winter but boots and pretty coats are what I wish for every summer.. I guess I'm one of those who wants what she can't have. The feeling of being on a roller coaster is what I fear the absolute most. Its not that I am scared of the actual roller coaster, its the feeling I know I will get when I ride them. I crave an iced latte everyday around 2:30. Since I cant drink anything that will affect Jude, I have to wait till I know I wont nurse him for a few hours {like when I am working 3-11} till I can cheat a little. OPI nail polish is my favorite not only because the pretty colors but because of the funckadelic names that each of them have. I don't like when guest at the hotel ask me to lower the rates, its like asking a sales clerk to lower the rate of the jeans you want cause you don't like the price. I cant just do that! I love everything about lights at night- Christmas lights, stadium lights, hanging lights, street lights. They are magical to me! 

I feel like this post is getting too long and I am getting anxiety thinking that people wont want to read it once they see how long it is so I am going to stop now.
Thanks for reading.        

Saturday, February 26, 2011

solids, YUCK!

So I guess Jude is going to stick with nursing a little while longer... We tried giving him some organic rice cereal last night while at the Lye's and he wasn't having it! 
 {Ahh, don't you just adore this face he makes!!}
It was the first try so we will keep at it. We're hoping he will eventually get used to the taste of it if we try a little everyday. So until then, bring on the "YUCKY" faces!   

Friday, February 25, 2011

cinema must see's

If we ever get a chance for a date night sometime soon, I would love to check out these new releases... 
And yes, I would also like to see this one. Don't make fun, it looks and sounds interesting :)
Have good or bad reviews on any of these movies? I would love to hear! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 month stats

Jude now weighs in at 13 lbs. and 02 oz. {which is in the 10th percentile! Eat up little guy!} he is about the same weight as two of these...

He is now 25 1/2 inches long! Just past the two foot mark which is about the same length as two ears of corn...
I can't believe how fast he is growing! Its sad yet exciting. Knowing he wont ever be this small, this innocent makes me miss it already. But all of his cute, fun loving stages just keep getting better and better which makes me look forward to the future!

{I compared his weight and length to fruit because I saw this creative blog post, check it out!}         

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

..lifes little treasures..

I hope everyones Tuesday has been good to them! Jude had to get his 4 month shots this morning and it made my heart hurt for him. But we did get the go ahead with feeding him solids! 
I'm really excited to start this new phase in his life!
Here are some treasure's found throughout the week, enjoy!

-Cute wall decals

-My kind of Wedding Dress

-Now and Then photography

-Super cool music video

-Favorite BLOG of the week

-Looking lovely Blake

-Ruffled Dresses 1, 2, 34, 5 

Have a great rest of the week everyone, XOXO!      

Monday, February 21, 2011

our little tax return

Meet Jude. These days he is known as 
"little tax return" 
Since this little bundle of joy was born in the year 2010, he is the reason we will be getting money back and not paying taxes this year! 
So Jude, since we have already spent lots and lots of money on your little bum- nursery furniture, clothes, binkiess, burp clothes, blankets, toys, wipes, diapers, etc. etc! 
Not to mention the sleepless nights, screaming cries, and the many loads of laundry due to spit up and poop 24/7... Me and your Daddy have decided to treat ourselves to something nice! 

Maybe go on one of these...
Or purchase one of these... 
Alright, alright! Maybe not a new Jeep Commander but there just might be a new car addition to the Lye home! 

And JuJu don't you worry, since you were the main reason for the chunk of change coming our way of course we are putting most of it away for you! You can thank us later! 
In the mean time, we need to get started on our shopping spree with the remainder of the money :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

over sized {purses}

As a joke, Ellen gave Mary-Kate and Ashely ridiculously over sized bags {and sunglasses} because they are famous for being seen around town carrying very large purses {and their daily Starbucks!} 
But I am with Mary-Kate and Ashley on this one.
I don't get why we are made fun of for having such big bags! There are a lot of essential items that I find myself needing throughout the day and even if I don't, I would like to be prepared in case I do. And all you men that have something wrong with it, we do it for you too you know.   

Husband: "Honey, I have something stuck in my teeth and I cant get it out, its bugging me!"
Wife: "Don't worry, I have floss in my purse"

Husband: "My hands are so dried out!"
Wife: "Good thing I have lotion in my purse"

Husband: "Ahh, I have the worst headache!"
Wife: "Let me get you some Tylenol, I've got some in my purse"

And so on...

Here is a glimpse into my purse/diaper bag, items that I find to be essential. And since most {probably all} of my readers are woman, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean when I say some days it still doesn't feel big enough!
-Hand sanitizer -Bobby Pins
-Lotion -Pen/Paper
-Camera -Perfume
-Wallet -Chap Stick
-Gloves {In the winter}
-Headache Medicine -Gum
-Breast Pump -Q-Tips
-Sunglasses -Make-Up
-Nail Clippers -Floss
-Reading Glasses
-Tampons -Water Bottle
-Diapers -Wipes
-Burp Cloths -Extra Clothes 
-Binkys -Toys
-Bottles -Baby Medicine  

So, for all those who were wondering why woman carry such large bags, that's why :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

calvin, cousins & the koreans

I love Valentines Day because it reminds me to be creative in how I tell the people that I love, I love them. So this year, I wrote Collin a hand written letter and had it waiting for him in our mail box. 
{Little did I know he had written one for me as well} 
It was so very sweet. So sincere and from the heart. It definitely made my Valentines Day special and it gave me something to keep for years to come. 
{He also got us a couples massage from here. I cannot wait to go! Thank you Sweetheart!} 
Calvin and Hobbes.   
Calvin and Hobbes was Collins favorite book/comic growing up. He recently expressed his childhood love for this character {Calvin} to me and wanted to make sure that Jude could grow up with the same excitement about this series as he did. He has some of the many books at his parents house that are from his childhood {meaning a little wear and tear I'm sure} so I thought giving him The Complete Calvin and Hobbes would hit a certain spot with him. It did. I have this thing for digging a little deeper with the presents I get loved ones. I guess I learned that from my mom. 

Our little striped boys are 3 and 1/2 months apart. I had Jude on October 5 and my cousin Brooke had Tristan on December 27. Growing up, me and Brooke were very close even though I lived in Hawaii and she lived in Cali... Somehow we managed to be best cousins regardless of the distance between us. When she moved to Utah a few years after I did we ended up living together, working together and sharing just about everything with each other. So finding out we were both pregnant and only a few months apart was pleasantly surprising! {I guess we always knew it would happen that way} 
We can not wait to witness Jude and Tristan grow up together and hopefully become as close as me and Brooke are. It has been wonderful having someone in my life who I can always count on and have there for me and if our little ones can be that for each other, the mama's will be very grateful! 
We love both you baby boys!
The Koreans.
 Well Ju Ju B, it looks like your getting started a little early for the paparazzi to be taking you picture, lots and lots of pictures! We recently had a group of kids from Korea stay at the hotel that were here for an exchange program thing with UVU. My dad helped out a lot {even drove down to Vegas with them} and was at the hotel with them one night when Collin brought Jude in to visit me. So of course he wanted to show off his grandson, little did we know it would turn into a full on photo session! They took his picture for probably 20 minutes. Some with me, some with Collin, some with them holding him but mostly just of him. It was quite the scene! 
Way to go little super star! 

On an unrelated note, Jude's getting a bald spot on the back of his head due to laying down so much. It makes me very sad seeing his beautiful hair slowly fall out :(
But he can hold things on his own now :) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

..Life's Little Treasures..

I hope you all had a LOVELY Valentines Day and were able to feel the Love! 
Here are some treasure's from around the web...

-Cool logo I saw as a car decal

-How would you like eating dinner here?

-Fashionable swimwear 

-Love everything about this dress! {Except the price, wowzers!}

-Just another day at the office 

-Heels, heels, heels, heels and more heels.

-This pretty Fossil scarf

Hope your Tuesday's been good to you! 
In the spirit of Valentines Day (Even though it was yesterday) here are a couple Love Photos I thought you might enjoy! 


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tree House {A Grown Up Version}

How would you like living in a tree house that your adult imagination built up? 
Maybe they would end up looking like some of these...  

Just imagine... 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fabric Frenzy

This morning I decided that me and Jude would tag along with Collin as he went up to Alpine to play some b-ball because there is a fabric store that I have been really wanting to check out called Just Sew. We pass it all the time but we always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere so this was my chance to give it a look-see, and I'm sure glad I did! There were so many beautiful fabrics, I was trying to convince myself that I needed to buy some for a project but I don't have one in mind at the moment. 
Here are some samples...
{Cool blues and greens for boys}

{Pretty pinks and reds for girls}

{And some neutrals for any project!}

Know of any crafts I could make using some fabric?? 
I would love to start on something and have a reason to go back and purchase some!     

Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Makeover: Lye Edition



There is still more that I would definitely love to work on and tackle but all in good time :) For now it is home and somewhere we love being together at the end of every day.