Friday, February 18, 2011

calvin, cousins & the koreans

I love Valentines Day because it reminds me to be creative in how I tell the people that I love, I love them. So this year, I wrote Collin a hand written letter and had it waiting for him in our mail box. 
{Little did I know he had written one for me as well} 
It was so very sweet. So sincere and from the heart. It definitely made my Valentines Day special and it gave me something to keep for years to come. 
{He also got us a couples massage from here. I cannot wait to go! Thank you Sweetheart!} 
Calvin and Hobbes.   
Calvin and Hobbes was Collins favorite book/comic growing up. He recently expressed his childhood love for this character {Calvin} to me and wanted to make sure that Jude could grow up with the same excitement about this series as he did. He has some of the many books at his parents house that are from his childhood {meaning a little wear and tear I'm sure} so I thought giving him The Complete Calvin and Hobbes would hit a certain spot with him. It did. I have this thing for digging a little deeper with the presents I get loved ones. I guess I learned that from my mom. 

Our little striped boys are 3 and 1/2 months apart. I had Jude on October 5 and my cousin Brooke had Tristan on December 27. Growing up, me and Brooke were very close even though I lived in Hawaii and she lived in Cali... Somehow we managed to be best cousins regardless of the distance between us. When she moved to Utah a few years after I did we ended up living together, working together and sharing just about everything with each other. So finding out we were both pregnant and only a few months apart was pleasantly surprising! {I guess we always knew it would happen that way} 
We can not wait to witness Jude and Tristan grow up together and hopefully become as close as me and Brooke are. It has been wonderful having someone in my life who I can always count on and have there for me and if our little ones can be that for each other, the mama's will be very grateful! 
We love both you baby boys!
The Koreans.
 Well Ju Ju B, it looks like your getting started a little early for the paparazzi to be taking you picture, lots and lots of pictures! We recently had a group of kids from Korea stay at the hotel that were here for an exchange program thing with UVU. My dad helped out a lot {even drove down to Vegas with them} and was at the hotel with them one night when Collin brought Jude in to visit me. So of course he wanted to show off his grandson, little did we know it would turn into a full on photo session! They took his picture for probably 20 minutes. Some with me, some with Collin, some with them holding him but mostly just of him. It was quite the scene! 
Way to go little super star! 

On an unrelated note, Jude's getting a bald spot on the back of his head due to laying down so much. It makes me very sad seeing his beautiful hair slowly fall out :(
But he can hold things on his own now :) 

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