Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jude crawling soon?

i think so! 

..lifes little treasures..

Having a sick baby plus a busy schedule last week made for an absent 
'Life's Little Treasures' 
Apologies to those followers who look forward to my weekly finds!
(Not to assume there are any of you out there, it just makes me happy to think so) ;)

-Kid loves Bob Marley

-First position difficulty

-Long Bottom bookends

-This ring. This bangle.

-Tree Hut Coconut Lime {Must have}

-Favorite BLOG of the week

-Um... YUM!

-Wolfum napkins and coasters

Have a beautiful Tuesday all!  

Monday, March 28, 2011

that 70's look

i love these 70's inspired outfits! i cant wait to get me some bell bottoms.
Jenna Dewan 
Lauren Conrad 
Zoe Saldana 
Jenna Dewan 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

cake plates... who knew

I ADORE my new cake plates that I snatched up at the one and only, HOLY COW! They are absolutely perfect for the style/color scheme I am wanting to do in our bedroom so I got pretty lucky...Plus, they were $5 bucks a pop! What a steal!

Friday, March 25, 2011

one size fits all

i love this little baby size hat from Old Navy to match mine! thanks candice for the sweet gift! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a song for jude

to my jude dylan.
may you stay forever young.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a couple of cuties

My beautiful cousin Brooke was going to get some pictures done of her son Tristan and asked if I wanted to make it a double session with him and Jude! YAY! 
I've blogged before about how fantastically wonderful it is, both of us having our boys so close in age and these pictures are proof that there are a lot of good times to come!
{photography done by Tracy Christiansen}

Tristan Lyman Parkinson

Jude Dylan Lye 


Jude and Emmi Girl 


This is one of my favorites! 


What is this face that Jude is making? Ha Ha! 

LOVE you both!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

..lifes little treasures..

It's hard to believe it's already Tuesday, this last week went by much too fast! We are all feeling pretty crummy at the Lye home, Jude has a minor ear infection and Collin and I could definitely catch up on some extra Z's. Thank goodness for some weekly treasure's!
P.S Isn't that ballet photo perfection?

-Will Adler photography

-Take a look at Mikoh's look book

-Favorite BLOG of the week

-Perfectly put together outfit from this BLOG

-Such a simple decor item being seen everywhere, I'm obsessed!

-Sirenetta feather collection

-Ummm... YUMMY

-A day in the life of a Pup

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

you can call me the grumpy dwarf

It is 8:00 and I am sitting at work. This may not be unusual to most but for me, it's very strange. I don't work mornings. Since I have had my job {it has now been 10 months} i've probably worked 15 morning shifts, covering for people here and there due to vacations, sick time etc...
So you can imagine that our families schedule {Collin works nights with me as well} is different then most. Not to mention Jude. Jude is used to our schedule just like we are. He goes to sleep later, much later, because we spend time with him when we get home. CAN YOU BLAME US? And he sleeps in during the day because we do. So needless to say, we like and more importantly, are very used to our schedule.

So why am I a little on edge this morning?? Because for the next three weeks, and I am assuming it will be longer then that as well, I am scheduled to work Saturday nights 3-11, and Sunday mornings 7-3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

This means four things: 

First- We usually don't leave the hotel till 11:30. There are people requesting wake-up calls, Collin is finishing up cleaning the pool area, I have to pass any information on to night audit, etc etc. So by the time we pick up Judy Boy which can sometimes be in Alpine, I'm sure you figured out that we don't actually get home until much later then 11:30. 

Second- We aren't getting into bed until the wee hours of the night. Yes, we could cut down the time we spend playing with and enjoying our son but that would be the last to go. We need to eat, get ready for bed, get Jude ready for bed, feed him, rock him to sleep, and then maybe if it is still a reasonable hour Collin and I like to spend some time with each other to just relax. 

Third- When should I plan on pumping enough milk for Jude for the next morning that I am gone? At 3 in the morning when he sleeps through a feeding? No. I would like to get as much sleep as I possibly can so I don't have the energy or desire to wake my self up to pump. But I should. I should pump to be able to have enough stored away for him in case of an emergency. So instead I just tell my self, there are still a few "just in case" bags of milk in the freezer we can use. Does that make me a bad mom? That I am not willing to sacrifice sleep to have more "just in case" milk in the freezer for him? I hope not. I feel as though I am doing him {and guest I have to see at the hotel} a favor by getting as much sleep as I can so I am not as ornery as I want to be. {Although I am a quite ornery today, I could be worst, trust me} and keep in mind me nursing Jude is his only source of food as of right now. He is still working on solids and even if he was taking them, we mix it with breast milk. 

So that brings me to number four- Since I am scheduled to work the AM on Sundays and Collin always works the PM, and we have one car... Should Collin, AND JUDE have to get up at 6:45 to take me to work? Or will Collin have to be late to work since I have to pick him up when I leave here at around 3:15? NEITHER! We DEFINITELY shouldn't be waking Jude up at 6:45 just to take me to work, he needs all the sleep he can get and that would be horrible for his schedule to just wake him up for no reason. So that leaves us with Collin being late to work every Sunday. 30 minutes late every Sunday. That's not good... The bosses would understand I'm sure, after all its up to them to decided the schedule but I don't like that. I am a prompt person. I don't like rushing, feeling anxious or have anxiety.

Not to mention last night was day-light savings so there goes another hour. 

OH! Lets add a number five to that list- NOT SLEEPING EQUALS A GRUMPY MOMMA AND WIFE! And believe me, I don't want to be on edge, I don't want to be at my limits when I get to spend the rest of the day with Jude. I want to enjoy it. I want to give him everything I have and always let him know that it is a pleasure to be with him.

SO THERE. You and everyone at work {and of course Collin} had the delightful opportunity to hear about why I am the grumpy dwarf today. So if you took the time to read this, or you are an employee, or my sweet husband... I apologize for the ranting. For the annoying whining. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

I know it was Collin's birthday but that didn't mean that the present giving stopped with him... :) 
His cute sister Nicole gets her license in a couple weeks and got this!  
Believe us, we were pretty jealous too! Her ride is nicer then ours! The only reason we were pretty bummed {but equally happy} was because our hopes were high thinking that morning we were also going to be getting a car. This one to be exact... 
A cute little mid size Vibe. Not quite an SUV but bigger then a car, which would have been ideal for our little family! But get this... 
So we get a call the morning of Collin's birthday from his old boss who owns a car dealership. He said that the Vibe we had looked at the previous day was ours! Yay!! Right?? Well no. We get into the dealership to purchase our new baby {which was a fantastic deal by the way. Zero money down and $150 a month! See, FANTASTIC right?} It turns out that another sales man on the lot had sold our baby 30 minutes before Justin {Collin's old boss} got into work so he had no idea that we were planning on purchasing it. We were pretty bummed out... but it was Collin's birthday so we turned our frowns upside down and figured another deal would come around soon. We are praying another deal THAT GREAT will come around very soon! {Wouldn't that have been the coolest birthday present EVER? Oh well, Happy Birthday babe!}
Any who, while up at the gateway getting Collin's present, I wondered into Urban Outfitters, OF COURSE. I really wasn't planning on getting anything with it being COLLINS birthday and all but they had these, 2 for $20! How could I not? 
 So this pair and a pair in black were all that were in my bag, not too bad right? I thought I did pretty good considering the store I was in. Again, Happy Birthday Sweetie! 
So the trip to my parents house was pretty sweet. Collin got spoiled with 3 pairs of Basketball shorts, Nike socks, a wallet {which was much needed considering his previous one he had found on the road} and a reversible belt. And because my Momma is so sweet {and works at the BYU bookstore} she got me this series, which I am SUPER excited to start reading! Thanks Momma, for my present and Collin's!
Collin's brother Cam got us the most hysterical/creative presents EVER! For Collin, it was herpes.
  For me a brain cell... To deal with Collin.
And for baby Jude to keep him nice and healthy, a white blood cell.
Aren't these the most cleaver gifts you have ever seen?? You can get them here!
So all in all, it was a GREAT birthday... for everyone!

23 and counting...

First and foremost a great big, huge, enormous, monstrous, 
to my sexy hubby! 
We had a GREAT mini vacation the last three days and did nothing but enjoy our time off together. 
Over the break we got a couples massage {Collin's first, ever!} went out to eat with his parents to his favorite restaurant Rodizio's, took a drive up to SLC to the Apple store so he could pick out his birthday present... An IPod, got us some Rocky Mountain Chocolate goodness, watched some of his new movies, ate at the one and only Texas Road House, visited with my parents who got him some new basketball gear {thanks again Mom and Dad!} and last night finished it all off with a yummy trip to Maria Bonita! 
So basically, a lot of eating, a lot of relaxing and a lot of having fun. Happy birthday again sweet husband of mine! You deserve the world!  
 And just because he is pretty adorable, here is a picture of our favorite little boy. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

..lifes little treasures..

Its only Tuesday but my 3 day weekend starts tomorrow and I am SO excited! Tomorrow, MASSAGES with the hubby and RODIZIO'S with the Lye's! Thursday... COLLINS BIRTHDAY! Friday, spending the whole day with my FAVORITE five month old. 
Bring on my weekend!
But first here are some finds from around the web... ENJOY! 

-My new Off The Wall sunglasses

-Thank You cards

-Microrashel Blanket from K Mart

-A lovely desert stand to hold Perfume

-My new 'go to' shoes

-Jude's Honey Apple lotion

-Jude's Fresh Food feeder

-This hair due

  Hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL rest of the week!

Monday, March 07, 2011

wants... needs... is there really a difference??

So, I'm kinda in LOVE with these! And really, really, really, want/need them.   
And out of excitement for our up coming cruise to Hawaii (which really does deserves its own blog post), this BLUE BEAUTY!
 Collin has his heart set on one of these. Which really would be SUPER fun to own. According to Collin, this one would be a NEED :) 
 And if Jude could talk, I'm sure he would be asking for these Gap pants...
 This FREAKIN ADORABLE American Apparel beanie... 
A must right?
And to complete the outfit, this Jj Long Sleeve. SO CUTE!
So there you have it. A look into what the Lye family really needs. (ok, wants!)