Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Blogging World!!

The Lye family has FINALLY joined the blogging world and I (Lani) couldn't be more ecstatic! I have been an admirer/fan of so many beautifully put together blogs that I couldn't resist any longer! 
I got through the fear of putting one together (but not without help from my friend Kimber and my sister Trudi) and now I am ready to share our lives with all of you! 

Spending time searching through blogs I've learned so many things! The creative juices are flowing from one blog page to the next I've quickly come to realize: from learning "how to" crafts for your home to recipes to make in the kitchen, from fashion tips to where you can buy the pieces. Its WONDERFUL! 

I just hope our interests can be as interesting to you as so many of yours have been to us!
Hope you all enjoy! 
-The Lye's