Saturday, March 12, 2011

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

I know it was Collin's birthday but that didn't mean that the present giving stopped with him... :) 
His cute sister Nicole gets her license in a couple weeks and got this!  
Believe us, we were pretty jealous too! Her ride is nicer then ours! The only reason we were pretty bummed {but equally happy} was because our hopes were high thinking that morning we were also going to be getting a car. This one to be exact... 
A cute little mid size Vibe. Not quite an SUV but bigger then a car, which would have been ideal for our little family! But get this... 
So we get a call the morning of Collin's birthday from his old boss who owns a car dealership. He said that the Vibe we had looked at the previous day was ours! Yay!! Right?? Well no. We get into the dealership to purchase our new baby {which was a fantastic deal by the way. Zero money down and $150 a month! See, FANTASTIC right?} It turns out that another sales man on the lot had sold our baby 30 minutes before Justin {Collin's old boss} got into work so he had no idea that we were planning on purchasing it. We were pretty bummed out... but it was Collin's birthday so we turned our frowns upside down and figured another deal would come around soon. We are praying another deal THAT GREAT will come around very soon! {Wouldn't that have been the coolest birthday present EVER? Oh well, Happy Birthday babe!}
Any who, while up at the gateway getting Collin's present, I wondered into Urban Outfitters, OF COURSE. I really wasn't planning on getting anything with it being COLLINS birthday and all but they had these, 2 for $20! How could I not? 
 So this pair and a pair in black were all that were in my bag, not too bad right? I thought I did pretty good considering the store I was in. Again, Happy Birthday Sweetie! 
So the trip to my parents house was pretty sweet. Collin got spoiled with 3 pairs of Basketball shorts, Nike socks, a wallet {which was much needed considering his previous one he had found on the road} and a reversible belt. And because my Momma is so sweet {and works at the BYU bookstore} she got me this series, which I am SUPER excited to start reading! Thanks Momma, for my present and Collin's!
Collin's brother Cam got us the most hysterical/creative presents EVER! For Collin, it was herpes.
  For me a brain cell... To deal with Collin.
And for baby Jude to keep him nice and healthy, a white blood cell.
Aren't these the most cleaver gifts you have ever seen?? You can get them here!
So all in all, it was a GREAT birthday... for everyone!

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