Sunday, February 20, 2011

over sized {purses}

As a joke, Ellen gave Mary-Kate and Ashely ridiculously over sized bags {and sunglasses} because they are famous for being seen around town carrying very large purses {and their daily Starbucks!} 
But I am with Mary-Kate and Ashley on this one.
I don't get why we are made fun of for having such big bags! There are a lot of essential items that I find myself needing throughout the day and even if I don't, I would like to be prepared in case I do. And all you men that have something wrong with it, we do it for you too you know.   

Husband: "Honey, I have something stuck in my teeth and I cant get it out, its bugging me!"
Wife: "Don't worry, I have floss in my purse"

Husband: "My hands are so dried out!"
Wife: "Good thing I have lotion in my purse"

Husband: "Ahh, I have the worst headache!"
Wife: "Let me get you some Tylenol, I've got some in my purse"

And so on...

Here is a glimpse into my purse/diaper bag, items that I find to be essential. And since most {probably all} of my readers are woman, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean when I say some days it still doesn't feel big enough!
-Hand sanitizer -Bobby Pins
-Lotion -Pen/Paper
-Camera -Perfume
-Wallet -Chap Stick
-Gloves {In the winter}
-Headache Medicine -Gum
-Breast Pump -Q-Tips
-Sunglasses -Make-Up
-Nail Clippers -Floss
-Reading Glasses
-Tampons -Water Bottle
-Diapers -Wipes
-Burp Cloths -Extra Clothes 
-Binkys -Toys
-Bottles -Baby Medicine  

So, for all those who were wondering why woman carry such large bags, that's why :) 

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