Monday, February 21, 2011

our little tax return

Meet Jude. These days he is known as 
"little tax return" 
Since this little bundle of joy was born in the year 2010, he is the reason we will be getting money back and not paying taxes this year! 
So Jude, since we have already spent lots and lots of money on your little bum- nursery furniture, clothes, binkiess, burp clothes, blankets, toys, wipes, diapers, etc. etc! 
Not to mention the sleepless nights, screaming cries, and the many loads of laundry due to spit up and poop 24/7... Me and your Daddy have decided to treat ourselves to something nice! 

Maybe go on one of these...
Or purchase one of these... 
Alright, alright! Maybe not a new Jeep Commander but there just might be a new car addition to the Lye home! 

And JuJu don't you worry, since you were the main reason for the chunk of change coming our way of course we are putting most of it away for you! You can thank us later! 
In the mean time, we need to get started on our shopping spree with the remainder of the money :)

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