Sunday, January 01, 2012

top 10 of 2011

10. crates.
my love for design using a simple crate blossomed in 2011. see here, here & here.  
9. music.
music had quite the year in 2011. with adele's new album, the black keys with 'tighten up' & 'the girl' by city and colour (which technically came out in 2008, but was new to me!) there were some pretty awesome dance parties that went down. 
8. pinterest.
oh pinterest! how you've changed my life. if it weren't for you & all your amazing, wonderful ideas.. i don't know how i would have come up with half the things i do (all right, all the things i do) 
thank you. from the bottom of my fashion/design/typography loving heart.
7. book club.
how have i not joined a book club until this last year?? i anxiously wait for that one night a month when the girls & i get together for our book club meetings. its always fun, never dull & definitely entertaining!
6. penny lane.
she was the perfect addition to our little family. thanks for bringing even more cuddle to our lives penny lane.
5. my ring.
i love my ring. i'm so glad i waited to get one until the right one came along. i knew the second i saw it that it was mine & that it would be with me until the end of time. thank you collin, for asking me to marry you. i'd say yes 100 times over.   
4. elle, the element. 
we waited (not so patiently) for her this last year & when we finally got her, she did not disappoint! we are thrilled you are the one that will be driving us to all of our future memories.  
3. our home.
january of 2011, we moved into our first home! it's taken good care of us the last year, although quite small, it fits us well. we will always remember the house jude first ate solids in, took his first steps, started talking & grew up in. we will always remember the first house we made a home. 
2. hawaii cruise.
for obvious reasons, our cruise to the hawaiian islands was definitely a highlight in 2011! we missed jude terribly, but having 2 weeks reserved for the hubby & i was quite special. it was more then a vacation, it was our time together as husband & wife, as new parents, and as best friends. showing collin where i grew up was a cross off on the things in life i wish to accomplish. so, check! 
1. jude turned one!
our sweet, newborn baby jude decided to grow up! he no longer is a baby but a toddler (which makes me a tiny bit depressed) and will soon be 18 before we know it. his first birthday was a realization that the rest will be here in absolutely no time. so before you get too old, i want you to know that being your momma has been the greatest privilege of all.
thank you 2011, for being a year full of great times & found memories. we will never forget you! 

and happy new years to all of you!! may your new year be filled with memories you'll always want to remember. xoxo   


  1. Your house is soooo cute!! And so is that last picture of Jude!

  2. I loved being part of your 2011 honey and love you are all in our family!

  3. LOVE this post. Did one similar last year.. and this year too! (because you reminded me of it) I love you and your sweet little family!

  4. Your home suits you well. Perfect! I love the red!