Saturday, May 14, 2011

he put a ring on it... again.

One year down... Forever to go. 
Collin and I got married on this day, one year ago. 
It was a beautiful day, much like today.
We chose to have a simple ceremony with just family and a couple friends.
Up the canyon, with white flowers and white balloons. 
BBQ food and kneaders deserts. 
Bob Marley music and love in the air. 
It was all we needed- Besides each other. 
 We exchanged bands that had the words "Love is all you need" engraved into Collins and "All you need is love" engraved into mine. I adored my ring, it was simple and sweet. But I lost it a couple months ago so I've been wearing a temporary one. I've never wanted a real diamond. I couldn't imagine loosing it or wearing something that has that much worth. So I've been waiting to find something that suits me. 

A turquoise ring maybe? 
A purple stone? 
Saphire since its my birth stone? 

I wanted a ring that was simple, inexpensive, but still looked like a wedding ring.
So... For our one year, Collin so sweetly gave me this. 
 Its absolutely perfect. Its a citrine stone which is a darker yellow on a simple yellow-gold band. 
I am in love with it. Everything about it.

A couple of weeks before we found out I was pregnant, Collin had a dream about the movie Wall-E (if you haven't seen the movie, watch it! It will melt your heart) 

He was Wall-E and I was Eva (his love interest). We were in a factory, him on one side of the assembly line and me on the other. We were putting together parts to make... a baby! A robot baby to be exact. So finding out I was pregnant just a couple weeks later was really cool. Its been that cute "remember that?" story we think about every now and then. 

So for our anniversary I had my friend (who is an amazing/talented artist!) draw this picture for Collin. 
 Kinda perfect isn't it? I love baby Jude robot.
I cant wait to frame and hang it in our home. 

Collin, a very happy one year anniversary to you. It has been filled with lots of joy and lots of love. I cant wait for the many, many more to come! 
Your the greatest husband, father and best friend I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Im so glad I get to call you mine. Love- Me.   


  1. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!! Sure love you guys and LOVE your gifts to each other!

  2. That ring is beautiful!! Congrats Lani!! Im so happy you have found yourself such a great guy! You and your little family are just perfect:)

  3. I love it all!! Happy anniversary, you two are too cute.

  4. happy one year to you and collin! i love this post. you are my favorite blogger. btw he did good on picking out that ring. it is perfect for you. i hope you both enjoyed your day and many more to come :)

  5. oh my.....cuteness overload!!!! that ring is beautiful. Congrats!

  6. Gorgeous ring!! and such a cute story & picture. It will be so fun to tell little Jude all about that when he gets older I am sure!

  7. Wow, that seriously is the cutest thing I've ever heard. I love this post and everything in it. Adorable. Congrats on the anniversary. I love you two!