Sunday, May 15, 2011

a gift for all occasions

these are my new obsession. 
i had the idea to make these as mother's day gifts and ended up using one for a friends birthday as well. i realized how perfect they are for any occasion! 

-i got the glass jars at hobby lobby (50% off!)

-the chalk labels were found here. (if you need chalk, she will send some with your order)

-for the inserts, i chose hand made soaps from Tallulah's Soap's on etsy.

i assembled them all and was very proud of how they turned out!
instead of using soap's, some other ideas are to fill the jars with-
or bath products such as: popery, bath salts or bath bombs.
i love that you can personalize it to your liking! pretty neat huh?


  1. Thank you! They are SO fun to make!
    Kalei! What is your blog address?