Wednesday, October 05, 2011

happy birthday, jude!

 today marks the day you were sent to us exactly one year ago! can you believe it? we did it, you and us! its been a year full of learning patients, guessing from time to time, growing up, hugs and lots of kisses. we can hardly handle the fact that you are turning into a little boy, your not our 5lb newbie baby anymore. (man, a year in baby world means you grow way too fast!) 
wanna know a secret? one of your daddy and i's favorite thing to do is sit back and watch you just, be. its simply amazing how much your hard working little mind picks up. the way you figured out how to maneuver through momma and daddy's obstacle course (made up of chairs, large toys and even your bumbo) to emmi's dog food, was genius. you could just see the wheels turning, trying to figure out the most effective way possible. i sure love that little mind of yours. and that heart. my gosh that heart of yours sure is big for how tiny you are! don't ever out grow it though.. its one of the many things you've got going for you ;) jude, my sweet baby jude, i sure hope you know how much this momma of yours loves and adores you. your sweet soul is what keeps me going each and every day. my life, now that you and your daddy are in it, finally has meaning. i don't think there will ever be enough thank you's for that. 
i love you little lye, more than you'll ever know. 

jude, its dad here.
i want you to know that what you mean to your mom and me is nearly impossible to put into words. having you home waiting for me when i get off work feels like christmas day, every day. i would do any number of ridiculous things just so i can hear your laugh and when i think of happiness, your little grin pops into my mind and i smile every time. i love you. happy birthday son you changed our lives.. forever. 


  1. Ummmm this is the cutest post I've ever seen.

  2. cutest thing i have ever read in my life. so extremely happy for your beautiful little family