Monday, October 03, 2011

choosing a lip color

so i have never been a lipstick wearer. but i would like to be. 
i feel there is a certain bravery that comes with pulling off a bold shade of lipstick... bravery i have not yet met. i'm hoping to change that. 
for our cruise, i want to put on my sunglasses, the perfect lipstick shade and call it good! no messing around with makeup! 

so i need your help... pink or red? 
i feel like any of these shades would be a good match for my skin tone (but then again, i once thought stick on nails and hello kitty shirts were a good decision)      

here are the pink's

and here are the red's


  1. This is just totally my own opinion, but I've never loved pink! For some reason it always looks cheapy and Barbie-ish to that weird? BUT I think red is so pretty! I wish I could pull of lipstick.

  2. I like the first and 3rd pink. The 2nd red. :)

  3. the 1st pink or the 2nd red. you might as well do both eventually!

  4. Okay funny you posted about this because i have been DYING for a pink lipstick. like Jo said though, i feel like once it is on it looks cheap and barbie-ish but in photos it always looks fabulous! maybe it's because i am not confident enough to sport it out and about or something. but i rock the red lipstick all the time and LOVE red lipstick. I have a revlon color-stay one that is my absolute favorite. Jessica Alba did the advertisement for it, and it basically stains your lips until you wipe them off which is nice because once the lipstick "comes off" your lips are still colored and you can kiss without it getting everywhere and all of that. :)

  5. Thanks for your thoughts everyone! Im getting a shade or pink & red and trying them both out! I'll let you know the results :)

  6. With your skin tone I would try a red. You could pull off anything though.