Thursday, July 28, 2011

apple crates {finished product}

let me start off by saying 
i have been obsessing over crate and pallet creations for months now and finally got to do my own.

just spray the babies off with some water to get all the icky stuff off... let them sun bath to dry off... then spray with some bleach/water to make sure the icky stuff stays off.  
this was our favorite one! the Indian man is sooo coool! 
to make sure he stayed on nice and neat, i just painted some mod podge over him. 
arrange them how you would like them...
  and.... TA DA!!
pretty awesome huh? (and super easy)
we decided to use the one with the cool indian man as part of the bookshelf (higher up) because if it were for jude's toy bin... no amount of mod podge could keep him on.
so this is jude's toy bin.. for now.
  im not liking the plain look of it so we are going to add some wheels and maybe spray paint "jude's toy bin" on it... or something.


  1. Turned out SOOO adorable love it!

  2. love love love! Good call on keeping the lil indian ;)

  3. Oh my gosh so cute!!!! Jealous, make one for me! Haha