Monday, January 10, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Jude, 1 day old
Our newborn is hardly a newborn anymore and it makes me wonder where these past 3 months have gone... Just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital in his newborn outfit that just drowned his mini body. They say time flies and it sure does just that! Although I've tried to do all I can to preserve these precious moments with him while he is so fresh and so fragile, I cant make time stop, and believe me I would if I could... If only to capture more memories on video or camera because the hundreds of files saved so far just aren't enough and probably never will be!
Jude, 2 months old 
But, it is bitter-sweet. Even though my baby is growing right before our eyes, he is learning and absorbing so much about his surroundings. He recognizes who we are and for a mom and dad, that feeling is indescribable. Knowing he is smiling at us (and not because of gas) is a wonderful feeling. As my mom likes to says, babies are just huge TW's... time waister's! Couldn't agree with you more mom! 
Jude, 3 months old
Jude can now roll on his own, stand on his little legs with the support of us holding only his hands, make facial expressions with you, and he is so close to laughing! He is almost there, I cant wait till its the real deal! (Although I will miss the funny squeaks and squeals he is currently making now)
Taytum, 1 month old
Another sweet thing, not many people get to be surrounded by perfect angels so much in so little time but thanks to my sister, who had my first niece, Taytum on December 1st and to my cousin Brooke who added their first born, Tristan to their family on December 27th, I have been able to get that "newborn fix" constantly! It is amazing to see Jude with them and to see the growth that takes place in the short amount of 3 months!  
Tristan, one week old 

This last year our family has grown immensely, with the addition of my sweet husband and 3 new kids to the klan, there is just more people to love!

To all you little ones, try and stay forever young!

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