Sunday, January 09, 2011

House, not yet a home

Its official...
We moved the last of our things into our new place last night and spent our first night there! (Well, technically morning since we didn't hit the sheets till around 4:00 AM!) 

During Collin's lunch break we moved our bed and some bigger pieces of furniture over since we had his parents van on lend. While he went back to work I took some less heavy items: blankets, shoes, baby toys, laptop etc.. You know, the important stuff :) and left all the hanging clothes for the both of us to take over when he got off work at 11:00 PM. 
So at eleven we pilled one big load of clothes in the van, headed over and that was the last of it! We were moved in!

But not with out some disorganization (Not only is this my least favorite feeling, but word as well. It just sounds messy!)
We still need too:
-Mount the T.V
-Assemble entry table and dinning chairs
-Screw the overtop microwave in
-Get rid of the current stove and dishwasher and install our new ones.
-Clean the kitchen cabinets
-Wash all the new dishes
-Grocery shop
-Unpack the remaining 4 boxes
-Organize all of our clothes (properly)
-Empty the massive amount of garbage we have accumulated over the last week
-and last but definitely not least, my favorite, decorate the house to make it a home!

I will soon be posting pictures of before, during and after the moving process. But we have plenty of work to do before then so don't hold your breath! :)  

(A big thanks to my parents for watching Jude so we could get settled in and to the Lye's for lending us their van!)  

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  1. I am so excited to see photos of the new place. Miss you lots lan!