Friday, January 07, 2011

All That Jazz...

Being married to my husband has made me a Jazz fan. There was no conversion, I just never really followed basketball until I met him. I guess with all the time spent watching games and listened to them on the radio when away from a television, an interest started to form. I noticed myself commenting on plays, learning the players names (first, last, and nicknames) knowing the times they were playing, making nachos for "game night" and the real hint... this feeling of hatred started forming for the lakers! I knew then that I could now call myself a Jazz fan, and I couldn't be prouder! :)

My first and still my only Jazz game
 So Collin being the Jazz fan that he is, got these items for Christmas this year:

(They might be Kobe shoes but don't hate, they are sick shoes!)

Hope you had a good Christmas this year my basketball lovin hubby!  


  1. You guys are such a cute couple. Same thing happened to my sister, and me with video games...(embarrassing I know!) The things we do for husbands.

  2. Ha ha not embarrassing at all! that is pretty funny though :) I wonder what things husbands will admit to liking after being married..?? I did hear him humming along to a Taylor Swift song... :)