Friday, January 07, 2011


Thanks to John Butler Trio, I have my "best concert ever" written in the books. Back in 2007 I went to one of his concerts and no one has come close to taking his spot on that list. So what made it the greatest... 
This magnificent amphitheater in Denver, Colorado...


This wonderfully talented man only 3 rows away...

And this soulful music filling the air.

If your aren't familiar with John Butler Trio download some of their music, you won't regret it! :)  

(Just a side note, does anyone else see a little resemblance between the two of them in these pictures??)Ha ha just a thought!



  1. what?!! you went to his concert? I officially envy you....ha ocean is one of my favs. SO talented! ps. keep up the blogging....i might just comment on every post!

  2. Ha please do! I want to comment on every post you put up on your blog and your new fashion one but I also dont want to come off too stocker-ish :) haha. And yes!! Their concert was out of this world! I wish I have been to more since its been about 4 years but I was lucky to have gone to that one! If you ever get a chance, dont pass it up!

  3. lani i love this guy! he's so good!! so glad i read your blog to find out about him. oh and ps love your blog!

  4. Thanks Trac! Im so glad you listened to him, he really is amazing!
    P.S, I am OBSESSED with looking at your traveling pictures. I SO wish me and Collin had the time and money to go to all of those places right now... One day!!