Tuesday, January 11, 2011

..Life's Little Treasures..

Hey everyone! 
I am going to start doing this post every Tuesday about fun little treasure I find throughout the week while surfing the web (thanks to my front desk job that allows me to have plenty of downtime) 
I got the idea from this oh-so-fabulous! blog and thought it would be fun to do my own version of it since I am always finding things I want to post... Here is a way to get a bunch of little posts in at once!
 Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading hers!

-I find this trend to be a HOOT!

-I certainly can have my cake and eat it too!

-Wouldn't mind catching up on my Zzzz's in this bedding

-This work of art definitely made me turn my head twice

-Can't wait to try this hairstyle!

-My current winter must have

-These newborn pictures are the very definition of tender moments

-I love their love

-Totally stellar stationary that should make anyone want to plan his or her week out!

Be back next Tuesday for more! :)   


  1. i love this idea! I feel like we have the same taste in alot of things. we need to hang out sometime! ha i love looking at your blog

  2. Oh thats so good to hear because your blog was my main inspiration for starting one! Ha ha. I looked at it, almost daily! (hope thats not creepy) :) But I definitely agree on having the same taste.. I always looked at things you posted and realized we have such a similar taste! I would tell my husband that you were reading my mind somehow.. haha