Tuesday, February 07, 2012

the parent's tao te ching

the parent's tao te ching has a very special place in my heart. i've read it many times and will continue to read it many more. its one of those books that no matter how many times you've read it, it teaches you something new, something that applies to you at that moment that didn't before. it has given me a peace of mind when it comes to being a first time mom that i haven't been able to find anywhere else. it is the only parenting book that i would suggest to parents- new & old. it is the only one you need. oprah winfrey said: "i give all my friends with children the parent's tao te ching- a reminder of what matters when raising little ones." the teachings of the tao, are a way of life, a practice of being at one with the greater good in every aspect. this book focuses on parenting: 

"few things in this world are as important as raising children. in every age, every era, every time and place, children are our treasures, our future, our immortality- the vital link in the chain of humanity."

"making babies- having children- is a capacity bestowed by biology, but raising them well is an art we learn by doing. 'mature adults don't necessarily create children' the proverb goes, 'but children help create mature adults.'"

"children are not vessels to be filled, but candles to be lit. so are parents. so are we all. by listening to the wisdom of the tao as we raise our children, we raise ourselves and lift our spirits."
{quotes from the foreword, written by: dan millman}

because this book has so much depth & countless ,wonderful teachings, i wouldn't be able to sum it up this quickly. i want to start a weekly 'tuesday's teachings' which will be either a page, paragraph or line from the parent's tao te ching. something that has helped or enlightened my views on parenting, and could possibly do the same for you. the lessons taught in this book can easily be applied to everyday life, weather you are a parent right now or planning on it in the future, what you gain from your reading will help improve you as a person, which in turn, helps you become a better parent. 

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