Monday, February 06, 2012

byu basketball

jude & tristan had a blast at the byu basketball game on thursday! it was jude's first time ever going to a sports game, so you can imagine the thrill his little heart felt with all that excitement! i'm just glad he was in awe instead of terrified because this was the first of many games his daddy is going to want to take him too. glad you boys had fun, we sure did watching you enjoy it! 

oh, and here is a video clip of jude having some of momma's mexican (spicy!) candy. i guess he likes spice just as much as his momma & aunt b. and its kinda hilarious how he eats it, i don't think he has the licking a lollipop thing quite down yet. we will get there baby boy, i'm sure there is plenty of lollipop sucking in your future.


  1. Love the licking AND the licker!! Too cute!

  2. Lani, Jude is just the cutest thing ever. He has "melt your heart" eyes. Can't wait to meet him.