Wednesday, January 11, 2012


nothing feels better then waking up on wednesday mornings. knowing that, for the next three days i don't have to do anything except hang out with my favorite boys! its a pretty awesome feeling. one that i always feel grateful for. 

this morning our bed was quite full! with momma, daddy, baby, emmi & penny, i couldn't help but wish for an upgrade from our current queen bed to a king with our up coming tax return. but then again, i don't mind the company!

happy wednesday everyone! 


  1. Is that the Chronicles of Narnia that they are reading?

  2. I'm actually not sure... I just found those two pictures on pinterest. Ha Ha. Its not us :)

  3. After I posted I looked and noticed the kid didn't have blonde hair and figured as much. But I am pretty sure I have that same book so we will just say that is is The Chronicles of Narnia.