Thursday, August 11, 2011

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eleanor, we really are doing great. you and me. and just to think how far we've come, baby girl! thanks for your patience and forgiving little heart with this first time mommy of yours. xo

Babies are completely over-the-moon about milk. It's so, so, so adorable how much babies love milk. Toby would get so excited before feeding; he'd root around trying to find the boob. He'd frantically move his tiny head around, like, where is it, where is it...he'd find his fist and suck like crazy...and then be like, oh, wait, that's not it....where is it....YES, here it is!!!! And his eyes would basically roll back in his head, he was so happy. He would sometimes even hum when he drank! 

A house should feel collected, like the design came over time.

If I want to have a glass of wine after a stressful week.. I am allowed to .. even if you don't agree with it.
If I want to dance around in my underwear with my two year old after we wake up.. I am allowed to.. because it is MY house!!
If I want to choose which battles I want to fight with my child.. I am allowed to.. even if you don't think it is one that I should be fighting because she is MY child.
If I want to talk to one of my old friends - I am allowed to..even if you aren't friends with them because  I am a grown woman who can choose who my friends are.
If I want to work a full time job, part time job and  do school full time.. I am allowed to.. even if you think I am out of my mind. (which I was - but I got through it and I will never do that again. ha)

The point is that some people need to learn that sometimes you need to just put your big girl panties on and deal with it. 

Sparklers are super lame when there's no one to sparkle with you.

Dear Baby,
I had a dream about you last night. And in my dream, you were a boy. Are you a boy? With toe-headed blonde curls and little pink, pouty baby lips that never quite close? In my dream, I’ve never been happier. Just being with you made my heart want to burst wide open and wrap itself around you. Which sounds a little crazy. But that’s the only way I can describe it.
Last week, we got to see you for the first time at the doctor’s office. Your heartbeat was so fast and your little legs and arms {or rather … stubs. Don’t worry. You’ll get bigger} loved to kick. I looked at you and couldn’t stop laughing. You were really in there. Inside me. And you were mine.
Except the funny thing is, sometimes it’s hard to remember that you’re real. I’ve been your momma for 10 weeks now, but my tummy is still pretty small … kind of looks like I just ate a lot. Which P.S. I have been. Apparently, you have a taste for a very large variety of foods. Fantastic foods, like pickles and broccoli ... at least 5 times a day. {Except for sweet stuff. We don't like that.}
As strange as this may sound, that dream made you real to me. And love you. More than I thought was ever possible. So there it is little baby. I’m officially yours. You already have my heart wrapped around your little centimeter long finger. Your dad loves that I think you’re a boy now. {I wanted a girl a little bit, before last night} But now I want you, the baby in my dream, more than anything. 

in our case, home school will be starting very soon. i am both excited and equally nervous... home schooling is a new journey for us. i have been working hard finding the best curriculum and lesson plans for each of them. one of the things that i am most excited about when it comes to home schooling is really concentrating on the subject matter that my kids enjoy. they love math, history, english, music, and art. of course we will be learning all of the subjects, but it will be nice to really focus on the ones that they love and make the ones that they don't love as much as fun as possible so that they find some affinity for them.
my kids LOVE to read. even gemma bird loves to "read." she often opens up her little books and flips through the pages "reading" out loud in her own baby talk words. it is very cute. we have always had reading time in our house. a quiet 45 minutes where we turn everything off, grab a good book and curl up in a chair or on the couch and read together. 

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