Saturday, August 06, 2011


cooking is definitely a hobby that I wish I spend more time on. i really enjoy being in the kitchen but working every night till 11pm makes it hard for me to cook family dinners. 
BUT I am getting my butt in gear and doing it anyway.

i put together a list of recipes i want to make for the next couple of weeks. meals that don't take long to prepare and will be just as good as left overs. 

up first: ceviche
super easy. super yummy.
i followed Claire Robinson's recipe (minus the habanero pepper!) and let me tell was delicious!   
what you need:
1 pound of fish (Clair used sea bass but we went with cod- either will do)
1 cup of FRESHLY squeezed lime juice (about 6 small limes)
1 cup of chopped and seedless tomatoes 
1 red onion (i used half of one)
after chopping it all up, putting it in a bowl, mixing it and letting it sit for an hour (the acid from the lime juice cooks the fish, no heat involved!)...
your done! thats it. easy peasy huh? we decided to add some avocado to make it even fresher then it already was... that was a good decision. 
im excited to show you what I have planned for the next few meals! one word.. curry. stay tuned... 

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