Friday, August 05, 2011

10 month stats

 yup, it's true.  
its time (once again) for the monthly stats.
oh judy boy... will you ever stop growing? 
your making momma sad. 
well not sad, just more aware of how fast time really flies by.
your one year birthday party is already in the works! 
thats right, i said one year!
can you believe it?
it was just yesterday that I posted a thousand and one pictures of your birth on to facebook.
well, here goes the photo dump. 
jude loves....
daddy's wallet
credit cards
his white ball
talking (baby talk of course)
bath time
getting into things that are not for babies
night walks
not his car seat
putting things in his mouth
dog food
the swiffer
pulling books off the bookshelf
being outside
haha just kidding (kinda)
he loves his daddy too... of course.  

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