Sunday, June 12, 2011

i bet you wanted to know that...

..My favorite snack's are lunchables... Ham and cheddar
..Grapefruit gummies are mine and Collins favorite sweet treat (along with fifty seven others that we like)
..I think the words queasy and sleazy are a perfect match for their definition... Don't they just sound like what they mean?
..I love feel good movies because they make me feel good
..Collin and I want to make Alpine home one day
..I want to go to North Carolina and have a gallon of real, southern sweet tea
..I cant stand the cord that hangs down from our TV that's mounted on the wall

..I secretly wish that I was Katniss Everdeen
..I love the smell of skunks. When I was little it smelt like pumpkin seeds and now it smells like marijuana... Both of which smell delicious
..Friday Night Lights (the TV show) will always have a special place in my heart 
..Having the wind shield whippers on when its not raining, or having them off when it is, annoys me
..I'm always that person at the mall Kiosk's talking to the sales people because I don't know how to say no to them
..The saying 'sticks and stones will brake your bones but words will never hurt you' makes me mad... Its completely false and everyone knows it

..I've learned that being selfless takes a lot of work and a lot of practice and is always worth it
..Hate cherry flavor but love cherries
..I go through notebooks like crazy because I'm a crazy list maker 
..Favorite scent of all time, coconut anything
..'Got a gypsy soul to blame..' is one of my favorite lines from a song
..Country music makes my heart swell   
..My husbands mind and sons face are two of the most beautiful things I've seen on planet earth

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