Tuesday, May 03, 2011

..lifes little treasures..

Where in the world has Life's Little Treasures been?? I apologize for the lack of dedication the last few Tuesdays but... I do have lots of little things I've been eyeing and wanting to post so here they are! As always, enjoy! 

-This Mama's hip style.

-The girl with the bow dress.

-This top...

-with these bottoms. 

-The most breath taking resort. Ever.

-All Organic Etsy shop.


-Our new duvet.

-New ways to display pictures.

-Sandals from Zara.

It's a beautiful day! Spend the day outside if you get the chance... Its days like today that are good for the soul. 


  1. love that duvet! so cute. and that resort in Bali is amazing....i've always wanted to go there!

  2. i love the bleubird blog! she's darling. cute swimsuit idea, miss. lani :)