Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"the more that you read, the more things you will know. the more that you learn, the more places you'll go" dr. seuss

Our visit to Barnes and Noble today was delightful!
I found these gorgeous classics. There covers were beautifully redone which made the books beautiful, inside and out. 
Gorgeous. Aren't they?
I also fell in love with these children's classics. They are so fun and imaginative. They look as though once opened, the adventure begins!  
I am so anxious to start on all the books that we purchased! (After I finish the exciting Hunger Games, of course!) 
This book caught my attention because even though I haven't read the Tao Te Ching original, Collin has and had mentioned to me how interesting it is. The parenting part is what I was searching for and once I found this one, which is Tao teachings, I was even more intrigued. Knowing its more of a zen approach to raising your children rather then an aggressive problem solving way definitely reeled me in and I had to have it.
Collin's mind has been racing with ideas of different ways he could start his own business. Its been a constant thought floating around in his mind for such a long time that we decided to really tackle it. Write it out as a business plan and start putting it into action. We are hoping this book can help us.  
OK, I've heard nothing but hilarious reviews about this book and after seeing her on Ellen today, we had to get it! I was laughing at the quotes on the back of the book so I can't wait to get started on the inside.
I don't think the reasoning for this purchase is needed :) I sure do hope Jude will enjoy it one day though! 
Oh! Also, we became Barnes and Noble members today! Woo hoo! 


  1. those first books would be so cute displayed on a coffee table! love the patterns and colors

  2. I ALWAYS see those first books and always want them. They are adorable! You should look at anthro too, they have adorable covered ones too!