Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ju ju bee's wee wee

Our little Ju Ju Bee had to have a minor procedure done on his little peeper this last Monday and it was definitely something we had to prepare ourselves for. Surgery, regardless of how minor or common, is very scary (and emotional). 
What he had was called Penile Torsion. This meant that the tubes in his peeper were overlapped. In order to fix it, they had to put him under and surgically go in to straighten them out (and do his circumcision which they held off to do until now so they could do them both at the same time).
 We had to be at the Riverton Primary Children's hospital (a wonderful hospital which I would recommend) at 6:20 in the morning. Because he couldn't have any liquids in his system two hours before the procedure, he could nurse up until 3:30 earlier that morning, water up until 4:30 if needed and absolutely nothing after 4:30. Needless to say, we had a hungry, sleepy baby when we handed Jude off and into Dr. Snow's hands.
It took about an hour for the entire surgery. Once they came back to tell us he did wonderfully, I was aloud to go back and see him and...finally feed him! They took me and Jude to our own post-op room where Collin then came back and joined us. We stayed for about an hour and a half after he was out to make sure everything went well, that he was taking the medication well, etc. 
For a little one who just had something that intense happen, he is as happy as ever and back to his loving, smiling self! We are so thankful for the wonderful care and gentle hands that the Riverton nurses and doctors showed to us and provided to Jude.


  1. poor jude! those pictures are so cute in his little gown:) glad he is okay!

  2. i love his little belly in the bottom picture! and glad all went well!