Saturday, January 15, 2011


Joanna Goddard is a blogging inspiration and one particular post left me feeling so inspired that I had to pass it on for more to read...

Read her post HERE 

If you are a mother who has or is currently nursing their child, you know the bond that you form is indescribable and something very special. While pregnant I knew that nursing was going to be my only option for feeding my son, regardless of how hard it might end up being. Luckily, for me and Jude it was effortless from the start (but not without some soreness of course) which I am very grateful for. As for how publicly I would feed him, that was something I would have to decide once I got the hang of it and how comfortable I felt. Since Jude has been born I have kept up with breastfeeding, which has been nothing short of wonderful, but I have not braved up to feeding him publicly, yet. But after reading this post I had an overwhelming feeling of desire to try it and see how it feels. Although there is definitely a hesitation, maybe people wont agree with me, I am more passionate about the fact that all I am doing is feeding my child. As Joanna would say, 

"It's my legal right to breastfeed my baby anywhere in public or private; if you have a problem with it, you can look away."

So thanks to her beautifully written post I plan on giving it a try. I don't know how soon considering lately its been below 20 degrees outside... but I will. And I will blog about it.  


  1. i saw this post before and loved it!

  2. i love that! and so true! it's nothing be be ashamed of, or hide!
    it's definitely a beautiful thing.