Sunday, January 16, 2011

Frozen Grapes

Since discovering this perfect bite-size snack, thanks to the Lye's... We have been hooked! Its a no brain-er really: Grapes are meant to be frozen and then eaten! (In our opinion) 

So everyone, go out and get yourself a bag of grapes (or 2 or 3) and do the effortless task of sticking them in the freezer. Once frozen, devour. You can try and eat just a few, maybe talk yourself into a handful but who are you kidding? You will soon look down and realize the entire bag is gone within a matter of minutes! 
This may seem dramatically written, but really I just want you to try them and be as obsessed as we are :)


  1. oh my....then you should try THIS: (its not as healthy, but KILLER) wash the grapes, then put them in a ziplock bag with some sugar and shake the bag so it coats the grapes, THEN freeze them. its the most glorious treat ever!

  2. Oh no.. This could be the start of something very very bad!! Or extremely good, depending on how we are looking at it.. haha! Thanks for the tip! We are trying it tonight!