Sunday, April 08, 2012

happy easter sunday!

our favorite park in alpine held an easter egg hunt yesterday. it was jude's very first! for someone who is obsessed with balls, seeing hundreds of easter eggs covering the grass was like handing him a mini heart attack on a plate. and trying to tell him (a one year old, keep in mind) that he couldn't get them until the lady said 'go!', was completely heart shattering to him. of course, he was eventually told to go and when he did, he scored 4 easter eggs! yup, out of all those hundreds, we snatched up 4! ha ha. he was completely fascinated with the whole thing, non the less. 

since the egg hunt lasted seriously ten minutes, we hung around for a while at the park & walked across the street to see the horses. i'm pretty sure jude is happy with his 4 eggs so we are just going to sum it up as a great first easter egg hunt!


wishing all you silly bunnies a happy easter sunday, from our family to yours!

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  1. Jude is such a little man in that hat!! SO cute!