Monday, April 30, 2012

eating gluten free

for the past 2 weeks i have challenged myself to eat completely gluten free. and i have! what i thought would be more of a challenge, hasn't actually been one at all. the hard part is remember that most things do have gluten so my options have been quite limited- but as far as cravings go, its been rather easy. finding restaurants that have gluten free menu's has been pretty easy as well- brick oven, milawi's pizza, costa vida & cafe paesan to name a few, just remember to ask for gluten free.

the reason i wanted to try a gluten-free diet was for a couple of reasons- 

1. gluten foods make it so your body wants sugars, bad fats & unhealthy amounts of wheat. by removing gluten, you find yourself craving raw foods, veggies & fruits (and it speeds up your metabolism!) i've definitely noticed this. the other day i had a sweet tooth so i ate a handful of jude's dried berries- it was like candy to my taste buds and it satisfied my craving.  

2. summer is pretty much here & since i practically live in my bikini during this time of year, i wanted to shed a couple of pounds to look & feel bikini body ready. its been about 2 weeks now & i feel lighter, i feel healthy. cutting out carbs will definitely do that!   

if your interested in eating gluten free this blog has been a great source for recipes & cooking tips- she is one of my favorites. (her book is my next purchase!) you can also check out this blog & this blog- both helpful & informative.

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