Tuesday, March 06, 2012

tuesday's teachings

natural virtues:

"all young children naturally love god.
as they grow they are trained by others
and turn instead to piety and religion. 

all young children are naturally
at ease with their bodies. 
as they grow, they are shamed by others
and become self-conscious and filled with tension.

all young children naturally relate
to other people well.
as they grow they see conflict
and become fearful and guarded. 

all virtues arise naturally 
until fear and training interfere. 
then virtues disappear 
and rules take their place. 

look for the natural virtues of your children.
you may have to pay careful attention.
we are trained not to notice them, 
or distrust them.
but they are the real thing.
they don't have to be taught, 
only nurtured.
what natural virtues can you notice in 
your child today?"

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  1. i just ran across your blog and absolutely love it. i have always wanted to name my son jude (if i ever have one, that is)! he is adorable. and i love your header.

  2. thank you!! i love meeting new followers! and jude is a great name, i definitely recommend it :)