Monday, February 13, 2012

notebooks & journals

a while ago i found this idea on pinterest & immediately wanted to do it! a few months later, i'm just barley getting around to buying the perfect journal to use. since i'm going to be needing a lot of them (one for every couple of years) & eventually giving them to jude, i wanted to get ones that were pretty classic looking & definitely durable. i found the perfect one. but ill get to that in a minute. while on my search, i stumbled upon some darling little notebooks & jotters! take a look..

jotters! from wit & whistle:

oh my! i could take some serious notes on these pretty little things! but unfortunately, non of these were what i was looking for when searching for jude's journal. thanks to a cup of jo, and her advertising for pinhole press, i found exactly what i was looking for! 
kinda perfect isn't it? the best part is, with the option of choosing a picture of jude for the cover, it can serve as a yearly photo album as well. there are more then enough pages, its definitely a keepsake & its only $20 dollars! $25 when you add shipping but definitely worth it when you get something so personal. 

so all you momma's out there, if your looking to do this as well, i recommend getting this journal. it will be something you and your little ones treasure for many, many years to come!


  1. You'll be making a copy for me right?!?!?! love it!! At least I hope you'll let me read it. :-)

  2. This is amazing!!!!!!!! I need to remember this, or just do it for normal journals. I love it!!

  3. SO cute!!! you just made me want to do one for oakley!! I need to do better at this and remember things better. thanks

  4. Love this Lani! I actually just bought something similar for Paityn's quotes (A quote a day) but I love this too. I guess she will have two! I think I will get one of sweet Brooklyn too - So she can have one also! :)