Saturday, February 25, 2012

essie nail polish

i'm a nail biter, always have been. there have been a couple of times in my life (like when i found out i was pregnant with jude) that i ditched the habit cold turkey. its hard for me to stop without a good reason. its a horrible, nervous habit, i know. (i feel like i'm sounding a lot like a smoker) 

anyway.. with all these pretty nail polish colors out there, i'm determined to do it again! i want to be able to match my nail color with certain outfits & moods that i am in. i've always loved opi but these essie colors are so fresh & lovely! which shade is your favorite?      


  1. I'm a nail biter too. Like you I've been able to quite a few random times in my life...cold turkey. Then somehow, someway...usually stress related, I give in and start again. I wish more than anything I could ditch it completely.

  2. Same here! I don't know why its so hard! Agh.. I'm hoping these pretty colors are going to be good enough motivation. :)