Wednesday, February 01, 2012

brights ideas

a while back i ordered this 'bright ideas' notebook from this darling shop. i've kept it blank because i wanted to use it for something special & since there are only a limited amount of pages, i didn't want to use it for my regular ramblings & notes, it seemed much to pretty to waist on that :) 
so anyway, i just decided on what to use it for! to document funny/memorable things that jude does/says. kinda perfect right? here are two of my latest entries.. 

'we were on the couch watching your favorite show (mickey mouse clubhouse) and you started clapping. i though you wanted to do the pat-a-cake song with momma so i started singing and doing the motions. but then you made a 'icky' face and looked at your hands. i realized you wanted to do the bumble bee song (you know, the one that goes: 'i'm bringing home a baby bumble bee.. eewww! all yucky!) its definitely one of your favorites right now. you are so smart. and sweet. i love you, little boy.
love, momma'

'while laying in our bed this morning, i was spanking your cute little bum and you turned around, finger pointed right at me and said, 'no! no!' with the stricktest face you could possibly make! it made my morning. actually, my day. 
love, momma
p.s. mornings spent with you in our bed are the best mornings'


  1. Someday these little stories will make your little one very very happy! I write a first year diary for my kids like my mother did for me (mine ends up colored by me as a toddler with a variety of pencils ;) )

    PS: I love the name of your little sweetheart


  2. K I am totally going to steal this idea when I have babies, hope that's okay! I love it and the last two pictures are SO adorable!