Sunday, February 26, 2012

the 2012 academy awards

in my opinion, the woman of the 2012 oscars brought nothing but their  a-game tonight! from nominees & presenters, to tv personalities & supporters, these lovely ladies completely took my breath away one right after the other. here are my absolute favorite looks of the night:     

who was your favorite of the night?


  1. oohh I loved Milla's Ellie Saab dress.....and ps. I am so glad that you do fashion updates for all the awards shows....I always miss them, but know where to come to see all the FASHION! woot woot

  2. I loved Gwyneths cape and Kristen Wiigs hair color.
    Ps did you see the pose miss Jolie hit while she presented that award? Makes her seem so vain.

  3. HAHAHA, Aisha! I couldn't get over that!! She was working it, WAY too hard! So vain.