Wednesday, January 18, 2012

golden globes: best & worst

i kinda have a thing for dolled up hair & pretty dresses.. so i'm thrilled award season is finally here! the first major award show of the year was the golden globes (i love you ricky gervais!)
here is my list for who i thought looked the absolute best.. and the worst.

{total coincidence that they all have 'michelle' in their names!}

sarah michelle geller
like kelly osbourne said on fashion police, this is an editorial dress, not a red carpet dress. 

lea michele
 this dress isn't on my 'worst' list because its a bad dress, the dress its self is absolutely gorgeous.. if it were on someone like halle berry. not lea michelle. she isn't 'sexy' enough to pull this off in my opinion. 

 michelle williams 
i just think she could do better then this. its an OK look for a different event, but not for the golden globes. i adore michelle williams and i'm so happy she won (!) but i think she could have knocked something out of the park if she really wanted too. 


 emma stone
only emma could pull off something like this. super fashionable yet edgy at the same time. and that plum color?? gorgeous!! 

 reese witherspoon
recently married looks good on reese witherspoon! she was glowing wearing this red gown. i haven't seen her look this sensational in a long time. 

 kate beckinsale

charlize theron 
she worked it from head to toe! from the head band, to the perfect gown, all the way to the shoes that fit.. she did everything right.  

who were your best & worst of the night?


  1. I think Emma's is my fav. How fabulous to be so glam!

  2. Oh my my my Emma's dress was THE best, perfection!