Saturday, November 26, 2011

christmas with the lye's

since this is the first year i get to decorate my own home for christmas, i've given a lot of thought on how i want our home to feel during the holiday season... i went with, romantic. 

picture this with me: nights, we will turn down our lights and have twinkling christmas lights brightening up our home. candles will fill the air with holiday scents like pumpkin, gingerbread and peppermint. in the background, the t.v will be playing 'what a wonderful life' while we dance around to those old familiar notes that make up our favorite christmas carols. i'll look over and see collin and jude.. and feel so grateful that they are the two people in this world, that are enjoying this night with me...

oh i'm giddy just thinking about it! i've got a few easy and inexpensive (and sparkly!) diy projects in mind that will help create that romantic feeling. i plan on starting them this next week so i will post them as i go!  

stay tuned... 

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