Monday, September 05, 2011

11 month stats + judes favorite things

happy eleven months to our little squirt! 
we love you more then our hearts can handle! 


there are a few things that, for one reason or another, please judes little heart.
we don't understand some of them, but anything that brings a smile to his face is welcomed by us!
nope, not the cute snuggy bear attached to it, but the tags  
his favorite white ball was MIA for picture taking 
green bay football & bam bam club
which is in fact a bowling pin, but we're not going to ruin his fun 
remotes, wallets, credit cards, keys, burts bees & phones..
..of course
wooden stacking toy & books
mostly the paper in the books, to chew on
his plastic bat & wooden toy
the swiffer
this blanket 
mommas makeup brushes 
daddys name tag 
piggy, the piggy bank
cheap dollar store wiffel balls 
toy bins

some things he knows aren't for playing with but loves too anyway...
emmis dog food
outlets & cords 
we are so glad there are many, many things that put a smile on your face, little lye! 
 we couldn't have asked for a happier soul then yours.

as always,
we love you!   

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