Tuesday, August 09, 2011

tin foil dinners {with the lye's}

finally. something with the family that made it feel like summer time! it was refreshing going up the canyon to have a camp fire. 

but before the fun happened... 
there was trouble. 
let me explain. 
we paid $6 to get into American Fork canyon (which I think is ridiculous to begin with) and thanks to all the family home evening-ers, it took us a while to find a spot to set up shop. we finally did. but before long, we were being kicked out of our spot (by a very rude lady and her toothless, cigarette smoking husband) because we weren't about to pay $16 to have our tin foil dinners!
at the spot we first chose, it would have cost us $16 plus the $6 to get in.. to have our dinners. ya, $22.
NO THANKS! its the canyon for crying out loud!! i guess you have to pay fees for wanting to enjoy nature now... LAME!!

anyway, we found a different spot (where we didn't have to pay) and started having some fun..  
here are the pictures to prove it. 

tin foil dinners

momma michelle and jude 

'butt-butt-butt!' (picture me saying it in charley days voice. he he.)

aunt nicolee and jude

papa lye and the fire

s'more time makes for a good time!  

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  1. What a fun idea!! can we do this before it gets too cold?