Thursday, August 25, 2011

folks, id like you to meet elle

the element. the newest edition to our family! we have been waiting for 3 months (not so patiently) to welcome her to our family. 

poor elle was in an accident and while she was getting all fixed up, our car gave out on us. fortunately the dealership we were getting her from used to employ Collin so his old boss let us drive around some of the cars on his lot in the mean time! (which was exciting but got frustrating at times)
in the last three months, you could have spotted us in a:

silver four runner
ford escape 
buick (one of those old ones where jude could have sat up front with us)
mitsubishi, again
and last but not least a red four runner

exhausting i know. but FINALLY we got our cute little elle. and she was definitely worth the wait. 

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  1. I honestly have never loved these cars but this one is quite adorable!