Sunday, June 05, 2011

8 month stats

today marks the day that jude turns 8 months old! 
eight months of sleepless nights and poopy diapers...
we don't really know why but Jude sounds like a dinosaur. a raptor to be more specific.
he also does this new thing where he fake coughs and then smiles cause he thinks he is SO hilarious. 

food wise, he doesn't do great with eating solids. we try, but he can be pretty stubborn. apple sauce seems to work the best when he does want them though.
he throws little baby fits that i find absolutely adorable.

 he sits in front of his books and pull them out one by one until every last one of them is on the ground. then he taps them with his hand. its pretty darn cute.
we have now lowered the pack n' play and ruined his fun of standing up in it.
since he is a little smarty pants and has figured out how to get into anything and everything, we now have to be more careful. thanks jude.
oh, and he takes after his mama... sucking that thumb. hopefully it wont be as long as I did!  

so we figured out what his comfort/security thing is... when he is eating or trying to fall asleep, he pulls and tugs on his ear and hair. sometimes the back of my arm which doesn't feel great or sometimes collin's armpit hair which i know probably hurts, but is still pretty funny. 

 we might need to start thinking about getting those baby gates now, considering he is the most mobile little thing ever.
instead of playing with all the many, many toys in his toy bin, he would rather play with the toy bin itself.
he loves to splish and splash in the bath with daddy and mr. ducky.
and my favorite fun fact about jude, he now says maaa ma maa maaaa ma... and that means he is asking for me!
 gosh i love this child.
happy 8 months jude, cant wait for the many, many more months and years ahead.
love always-
mama and daddy.

june 5th also means... 
38 years of marriage for my mom and dad! congrats you two, we love and adore you! 


  1. He is soooo cute. Seriously one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

  2. Jude is so precious Lani! You and Collin did a great job. He's so smiley :)

  3. he is a cutie. your fam is precious Lani