Friday, May 06, 2011

diy project

i went to hobby lobby yesterday in search of some jars to finish my mothers day gifts i have in the making (i'll post after mothers day, i don't want to spoil it!) and found some wonderful (and cheap!) items to make these super cute (and easy!) hanging decorations. 
all you need is...

the glass ornament balls (that come in a variation of sizes) were $5.99 and since it was hobby lobby, there were 50% off! 
 for the insert i choose peacock feathers that were $2.29 a pack. (of course you can put your own touch into it- beads, glitter, a variation of colorful feathers, etc.)
and that was it! easy to do, hardly no cost at all, and they turned out lovely! now i just need to figure out where I want them displayed.

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