Saturday, May 21, 2011

a blog post about... everything!

why spend money on toys when all he wants is electronics?
no, seriously... all he ever wants is the remote, our cell phones, or the lap top. 

first 3d movie for this girl, right here! 

love. love. love.  

this makes me a tiny bit depressed. but i am liking the change from monkey to tiger! 

cousin time! 

two things I am currently loving... 
necklace from here
lavender from our herb garden. 

collin got the best fortune the other night... couldn't agree more! 

i'm thinking its now time to lower the pack and play... the little squirt is cleaver and has figured out how to stand up in it now! 

we have a lazy boy...
and a lazy girl on our hands. 

the two movies on my 'must see!' list right now are...

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  1. That first picture is ADORABLE & totally wanna see those movies too!! Did you love Pirates? We thought it was soooo good!