Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a belated mothers day post

I have to say, being 'Jude's Mom' has been my favorite role I've played in my life so far (Obviously being 'Collin's wife' is right up there with it) I couldn't imagine living life without Jude being the center of it. He brightens my world, lifts my spirits, and softens my heart on a day to day basis. He reminds me that there is purity in the world every time I see his smile or hear his laugh. The immensity of the love I feel for him consumes me and makes me a stronger person but entirely weak at the same time. 

Jude, thank you for giving me the opportunity of having my first Mothers Day and being the sweet soul you are. I love you, always will.

I also wanted to wish my mom and mother in law a Happy Mother's Day as well!
Craig and Elaine Huish
Mark and Michelle Lye
(I ADORE these vintage pictures of them!) 
Because of these two wonderful woman, me and Collin turned into the people we are today and for that, we are very grateful, honored and blessed.

We were pretty excited about the gifts we got our mothers this year! Since Jude's birth stone is opal, I found this set at JC Penny. My mom got the earrings and Collins mom got the necklace, to always remember there little love bug.
A very happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mommas out there!  

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  1. You have such a tender spirit my dear! I'm SO proud to be your mom!! Thanks again for the earrings, I LOVE them. I love your sweet family!