Thursday, April 28, 2011

here & there

Yesterday we took a spontaneous drive up to our favorite coffee shop in Heber, The Sidetrack Cafe. The first time we ate there was right after our wedding on our pre-honeymoon. Its owned by this super rad lady that is completely scatter brained! Probably hence the name, Sidetracked. The shops walls are lined with posters, albums, newspaper cut outs, and lyrics of great bands and movie stars... Bob Marley and Johnny Depp to name a couple. If your interested, she will talk with you about music forever. (The food and drinks are killer too!)

Today we spent the day at the Sun River Nursery that is just down the street from our house. I got a planter at the Woman's Expo this last weekend that can hold 9 different types of plants so we are looking to fill it with lots of yummy and good smelling herbs.

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  1. i LOVE sidetrack cafe! my sister and i used to go up there all the time instead of going to school, haha. the chai tea is to DIE FOR! and all her special cream cheeses and croissants! my mouth is watering just thinking about it! haha