Tuesday, April 05, 2011

6 month stats

Since Jude is my NUMBER ONE treasure I'm going to dedicate a post to him today instead of the regular, Life's Little Treasures.
As of today, our little baby boy is 6 months old! That's right, he is already 6 MONTHS OLD! 

I love it and I hate it. 

I love that he is developing and learning new things, the part I love most? That he recognizes me and knows that at certain points in the day, he only wants me. The part I hate? Its gone by WAY too fast! So fast I feel like I cant keep up with taking enough pictures and videos. I feel like my baby is slipping through my fingers and growing into a little boy!
.Jude can almost sit up on his own, not too much longer till he has that mastered. 
.He will squeeze his legs together and put his fingers between the buckle so its nearly impossible to get him into his car seat (which he still hasn't grown to love)
.Sleeping through the night is still a struggle but when he does wake up, he spends about 30 minutes playing with his hanging friends and talking with them (its pretty much adorable)
.Speaking of sleep time, it takes FOREVER to get him down. The combination of singing "Hey Jude" (which he definitely recognizes) and sucking on his binky help, but not nearly quick enough.
.Jude is now tall enough to move his walker.
.When he is getting changed, he lifts his legs high up in the air and then stomps them on the ground as hard as he can so its that much harder, what a little stink. 
.He has a naturally raspy voice, which I LOVE.
.When I burp him, he pats my back as if he is burping me as well. 
.He has learned to throw mini fits, which I secretly find to be entertaining and adorable. 
.He is still very intrigued with water. 
.Jude has learned how to stay on all four's but cant quite move... We are working on it. 
.When he eats from a bottle, he likes to hold it himself.
.When I am nursing him and getting ready, he knows. He starts reaching for me and making noises to indicate that he in turn, is ready for me to feed him. 
.Some of his clothes he wears are STILL 0-3 months... Uh Oh.
.Speaking of clothes, he STILL hates getting dressed. He would much rather be our little naked boy.
.When we are trying to put him to sleep, he will lay in our arms and stare up at us, grab our faces and make cute baby noises.
.He grab his toes, ALL THE TIME.
.He thinks that any bottle with liquids in it, is his. 
.He uses his little hands so much now... He rubs his eyes, rubs his head, grabs, reaches, hits etc. etc. 
Oh how we are smitten with our little bundle of love. Nothing has ever compared when it comes to loving something so much (except each other of course) Every day we wake up we are reminded of how blessed we are to have him, hard days and all... it's all worth it. Happy 6 months sweetheart, you will always be immensely loved!  

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  1. your baby is so cute :)