Tuesday, March 01, 2011

..lifes little treasures..

What a gorgeous Tuesday! We spent the day up the canyon at the park were we got married. It was Jude's first time hanging out in the sun and I have to say, it was very memorable having it be where we said I do to each other.      
This last week I've spent most of my web searching at Urban Outfitters for house decor. So most of my finds will be from there, hope you don't mind an inside look of what I plan to do in our home. 

-This shelf would store baby Jude's toys

-I am planning on this acting as our headboard 

-Branches to hold some of my necklaces

-Band aid's, just cause :) 

-To add some greenery to our living room I want this along with some other plants

-Coolest. Terrarium. Ever. {Also most expensive} 

-Eva Mendes designs dinnerware and I'm in love

-$4.50 leggings, I wear them around the house everyday  

-Favorite restaurant at the moment {On 800 N, check it out!}

Enjoy the treasures in your life! 


  1. I'll have have to try out that restaraunt ! Ps I just put three pictures together using Picasa then saved it as one picture collage. Check it out!

  2. lani! saw on fb that you had a blog and i had to come say hi. my blog is private so go to my pre-blog and leave a comment with your email and i'll send one over. love little jude. so cute!