Saturday, March 05, 2011

5 months stats

Today, I am 5 months young! 
Wanna know all the things I can do?
Things I like? Things I dislike?
Well, let me tell you! 

.I am quite the wiggler! I hardly EVER sit still.
.Sneezing is the best! I smile real big every time I do. 
.When people say my name, I recognize it and look at them.
.I reach for things now, just about anything I can get my little hands on.
.I LOVE being naked.  

.I wouldn't say I can crawl, but I am getting pretty darn close. I SCOOT everywhere.
.I rub my eyes when I am tired and my parents think its the most adorable thing. 
.Anything my hands touch, I put in my mouth (some not so tasty as others)
.I am a talking machine! I especially love to yell at my Aunt Nikki  (I don't know why)
.If I'm in my Gram E's arms or the swing at G and G Lye's house, I can fall asleep no matter what! 

.As of right now, I'm not a fan of solid foods. 
.Bath time is one of my favorite times.
.I hate my car seat, cry every time they put my in that darn thing.
.My mom thinks its super cute when I stretch.
.I can stand with the support of people holding my hands. 

.It's early to tell, but I'm pretty sure I'm a lefty. 
.I let people cuddle and squeeze me more these days, I never used to like it. 
.I'm intrigued with the pool and hot tub water at my Mama and Daddy's work.
.I have an adorable belly laugh.
.Foot rubs are the BEST!

.I laugh a ton when my parents do silly things.
.I like when I am held facing forward.
.When I am nursing, I take breaks to smile at my Mama.
.Being the sweetheart that I am, I smile at anyone and everyone. 
.I sleep with my hands in fist position, facing up.

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